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Band Formed

2011-02-12 10:58:20 by kgames

Today a few friends and I decied to form a band this band is called The Emotion this band will have a few genre's in it but the main one's are heavy metal, rock and emo-core.

We are working on our first song Which is not currently name.

Hope to update again soon.

New music UP

2011-02-03 15:33:17 by kgames

I been busy over crimbo and new year two new songs have just been release enjoy.

One of the hardest things on ng

2010-12-29 20:04:51 by kgames

One of the hardest things on newgrounds is trying to view it from a iPhone took me ages even to do this post lol. Just a fast update the two kingdoms is on her way as we just finish the first few missions. First space has been scrap and lastly we are hoping to get a few flash games as we now have a flash developer. Thanks

HI all

2010-10-02 18:33:28 by kgames

Hi all my name was suppose to be kggames but i forgot to add the exture g in opps but anyway hi all i think i had a other account but with the recent change in my email and all i forgot but anyway hi.

Hello and welcome to my NG page i from we are looking at a good music composer for our games we will also be submitting flash games when we get chance to make them.

If you wish to be a composer for us please do send me a pm and give me a few links to your music and we will see what we can do please note you are volunteering to do it as seeing kggames is a fre company.

I soon will get 1 game up soon but it called base 101 i hope it works.

Also we are hoping to conbruit to newgrounds as much as possible too we love newgrounds and we love the people in it we hope you all like kggames as well.

we are also working on free offline games as well we got first space the attack then the two kingdoms we also need game developers to help by volunteering to help us make games eveything at kggames and kgstudios are free and we hope it will always stay free.

Any way thanks for reading and check our site out at or email us at

thanks kggames